Is my roof repair covered under insurance?

roof repair insurance

A homeowner’s worst nightmare is for their roof to fall apart and require a replacement. Of course, this would mean an extreme catastrophe has occurred. But what happens when a more minor version of a roof incident goes wrong? Is your roof repair covered under your homeowner’s insurance? Like all insurances, we expect only the best outcome to occur. Let us explain in more detail the specifics of your roof insurance claims

Depends On the Policy and Coverage Changes

You pay for homeowner’s insurance therefore you want to be covered. Will it happen? The short answer is yes but to an extent. It will primarily depend on the type of coverage changes and policy your insurance holds. We strongly encourage you to talk to an agent before signing any papers prior to making the agreement with the insurance company. Be sure to ask what types of damages are covered in detail with extreme scenarios in mind such as weather or fire conditions. Coverage changes will vary and occur over time so make sure the agent explains the limitations as well. Limitations are sometimes set to reimbursements with cash value only. 

Do’s and Don’ts – Roof Knowledge

Insurances can be a little tricky when it comes to the types of repairs that are fully, partially or not covered. There are certain circumstances that the insurance will override the claim and others that it will not. For example, if the roof is past the typical life expectancy, it is considered too old and will not include coverage. This is primarily because of the lack of proper roof maintenance. There are a variety of other reasons why your insurance may not fully cover the damage and can be quite the shocker to many. We highly suggest you discuss the do’s and don’ts with your insurance holder about roof knowledge. A “don’t” would be having too many layers of roof material. A “do” would be getting a regular inspection on your roof so that you can maintain repairs as needed. 

Filing a Claim and Keeping Records 

All the repairs that are not covered require a roof insurance claim. To do this, the first step is to ask for a roof inspection to see if a claim is needed. Always remember to show proof of inspection reports, receipts and photos taken of the damage (can be done by contacting an insured roofer) to the agent. The insurance adjuster should then follow through with the reimbursement statements. Although there is no definite answer when it comes to roofing insurance claims and coverage, it is important you maintain good communication with your insurance agent and roofer to get a hold of information on liabilities and records. 

Start your roof insurance claim today by working alongside our expert contractors. They can take photos of the damages for you and talk about the inspection results on their end with your agent. At Azalea City Roofing, we offer residential and commercial roofing services in the surrounding Mobile and Baldwin County. Contact us today for a free estimate by calling (251) 250-0212 or by visiting our website and filling the request form. We have financing options available!