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Help Your Roof Last With These Tips

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Ordering roof repairs and roof replacements can be costly, but there are ways you can care for your roof to extend its life and make it last longer. Here are a few things you can do to help your roof last. 

Clean Your Roof Properly – It’s important to clear your roof of debris like leaves, twigs and moss. One thing you want to avoid when cleaning your roof is a pressure washer. High amounts of pressure from pressure washing can be a big cause of damage to your roofing. Avoid pressure washing and use more gentle cleaning methods instead. Leaf blowing is a great option for removing fallen leaves, twigs and dirt. You can also use a broom to keep your roof clean and free of debris. Just make sure you have a professional do the work so it’s done properly and safely. 

Clean Your Gutters Regularly – Cleaning your gutters of debris and build up will ensure they are working properly. If gutters cannot drain the water correctly, you might find you get a build up of water that damages the roof. Prevent this damage by keeping gutters free and clear. Your gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year and potentially more if you have a lot of foliage around your home.

Trim Back Branches and Trees – Trees can drop branches for a number of reasons. Sometimes they just get old and break off, and other times, they are torn off from harsh winds and bad weather. These falling branches can damage your roof, leaving it weakened and susceptible to more damage. Trim back branches that overhang your roof and consider cutting large trees that are too close to your home. 

Fortify Your Roof – One of the biggest factors in roof damage is weather, and while you can’t control the weather, you can help to protect your roof from some of the damage. One of the most costly options for ensuring a longer lasting roof is to have your roof fortified. This is especially important when you’re living in an area prone to large storms. Fortified roofs will last longer and take less damage when the weather does get nasty. 

Keep an Eye On Your Roof – Repairing or replacing roofing is just part of life, so be on the lookout for damage on your roof and get it repaired as soon as possible. This includes cracks, missing shingles, and water leaks. Getting these repairs done will help your current roof last longer and extend the time before you need a full replacement. 

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