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How long does a roof last before you need to replace it?

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We all know that not everything lasts forever, but what about knowing when a residential or commercial roof life expectancy has reached its end and now requires a replacement? The answer is not as straightforward as one might think, because there are many factors that come into play as shown below. 

Varies by material and condition 

Not every roof is made from the same material; therefore, the type of material and its condition will have a lot to do with how long it will last. For example, a shingled roof that has a few missing shingles may require simple repairs, whereas a slate material roof that has been extensively damaged from a hail storm will require immediate roof replacement. A professional roofing contractor can better inspect the condition of the roof and tell you if it requires a roof replacement or not. 

Roof’s age 

Normally the older the roof is in age, the more likely it is to need a roof replacement. In general, roofs will last anywhere from fifteen years all the way up to sixty years (depending on the roof material). A roof should provide a stable structure, but throughout the years of wear and tear, the roof may begin to sag, create a buckling effect through shingles, have dents or gaps throughout, or face other problems that are not salvageable through a roof repair. Instead, call the experts to make a roof replacement possible. 

Manufacturer warranties

If your roof is experiencing frequent leaks or problems with insulation, you may want to look over the roof’s manufacturer warranty coverage. The coverage will vary by company and contractors, so if the warranty has expired, a roof replacement will undoubtedly be the next step. If you are lucky enough to have a lifetime warranty and the material on the roof is in good standing, then a roof repair may just do the trick. Working with your insurance on a roof claim could also help you in your favor when it comes to roof replacement.

Weather damage

Weather damage on a roof is unavoidable, but it can cause deteriorating damage far too severe for it to last any longer. Roof inspectors will look out for dark lines or spots inside the home that indicate leaks due to severe weather damage. There may also be signs of tree debris causing dents on the exterior or damaged gutters due to high winds. Siding is also prone to weather damage and will require immediate restoration. A roof replacement is one of the best investments any homeowner can make. 

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