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What You Should Know About Your New Roof

What You Should Know About Your New Roof

A new roof for your residential or commercial space has so much potential. From cosmetic designs to instant curb appeals, a completely new roof may just be the perfect solution to any roof in need of a replacement. However, there are a few things you should know about the process of getting a new roof to help with the overall installation process.

Material matters

Adding a new addition to your household project can be an exciting time. When it comes to having a new roof built, for example, the type of material you choose for installation will matter. While there are many options on the market, one should consider and account for budget, how durable the material is, how well it performs, the lifespan and whether or not it is fire-resistant or good to withstand all climates. A professional roofer can give you a better rundown of what type of material is most suitable for your new roof, including a list of the best roofing manufacturers. 

Inspection and maintenance is still required

Once your new roof is fully installed, you will want to schedule yearly inspections and keep up with regular maintenance as needed. Even though roofs tend to have a lengthy lifespan depending on the type of roof you have, inspection and maintenance will ensure your roof remains in good condition. A contractor will carefully inspect and look out for any dark spots or missing shingles amongst other roofing criteria. Maintenance will consist of cleaning out the gutters and looking out for possible flying debris from trees after a storm. 

It helps save energy 

If you got a new roof installed, then you most likely dealt with previous issues, such as the existing roof having leaks, damages due to severe weather conditions or the roof was simply long overdue for a replacement due to old age. Regardless of the reasoning, a new roof will surely help save energy. A new roof that is properly installed will have good insulation which helps keep air drafts from entering the property. Air quality is also known to improve as there is ventilation throughout the home. 

Increases home value and warranty

As you invest in a new roof, you will notice how much your home value will increase with it. Homeowners enjoy seeing the benefits that a new roof brings, including summing up on a few thousand of dollars for an appraisal. Inspectors will usually report on new roofs as a plus and roofing companies can even work with you to provide a better warranty plan in case of future repairs. 

A new roof is your calling, and we are here to make it happen! At Azalea City Roofing, we offer residential and commercial roofing services in the surrounding Mobile and Baldwin County. Contact us today for a free estimate on installations or repairs by calling (251) 250-0212 or by visiting our website and filling the request form. We have financing options available!

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